Testimonial - Steve Catton

I had never met Steve before our first coaching session – sometimes I have a few chats with people over email or on the phone before they begin a program with me so I have a brief understanding before we get started on what we have to work on.

With Steve – I got an ‘I need help’ email which suggested to me that he had been dealing with ‘something’ long enough now that he was ready to get started.

Steve was tired. Now this is a big one because like so many he was ‘tired’ of a lot of things and this was starting to affect him on a day-to-day basis. He used chocolate as an energy boost but it had become a habit that he didn’t realize was taking over his entire wellbeing.

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Simon helps you to understand ‘why’ and then gets your mindset in a better place to take on the challenge. The progress has been amazing and I have hit all the goals that I have set out to achieve.

Steve Catton

The first thing I had to do was educate Steve on sugar and why he was so reliant on it. He was amazed at how this simple process helped him make better decisions on what he was eating.

We worked together creating an eating plan - which was more nutrient rich and more energizing which is critical in the job that he does as a chap that trains pilots.

We made some goals like doing a fitness test and also timing a 5K run and he has beyond the plan already in terms of the time he is taking to run that distance already.

Steve is incredible.
Let me qualify this – he had got to the point of where he really wasn’t happy with how life had ended up for him and rather than tentatively trying to make a small changes (which by the way is cool!!) Steve jumped both feet into making a difference and began it all with talking to me. He takes so much from and makes sure he gets the best out of every session that we have. He is now more proactive, he embraces change and every time I see him I can see more passion and energy from him in everything that he has going on in his life.