Testimonial - Rebecca Mayles

Now I knew Becks from my days of being a fitness coach at Milton Keynes Hockey Club and she had introduced me to the school where she worked to bring Boot Camps to the children.

She spoke to me in the middle of a school playing field about the fact that she didn’t enjoy running anymore. Now this was crazy, as I knew she loved running and on top of that she was actually pretty bloody good at it as well.

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Simon didn’t ask me anything I wasn’t expecting but he did ask the questions that no-one else could. I would say it was the best few hours of my life in the last year for getting me back on track.

Rebecca Mayles

I wanted to help to help so I suggested she try coaching with me. We sat down and talked and she opened up in a way that I know she had never done before. The honesty that came from her was astounding and I could really understand why she felt she had to behave the way she did. I asked her some questions and I really wanted her to spend time working on them, as they were key to the ultimate thing that was missing from her life – Happiness.

Like so many she had lost control and hadn’t even realized it. The great thing here was that she was only one decision away from getting that control back.

I feel truly blessed to be part of Beck’s journey and I am super proud of how she has not only taken ownership of where she was but absolutely mapped out her return to happiness and made running a hobby that she loves again.