Testimonial - Dan Edwards

Dan is a great guy and I could see that he had passion for training as rugby was a massive part of his life but was being overwhelmed with so much that life was throwing at him.

Having a newborn baby – running his own business whilst still working in a full time job – coping with the loss of his mum. This lead to him feeling tired and also putting on body fat to the point he didn’t like the way his body was. I really wanted to help him, as he deserved to be the amazing, happy and enthusiastic chap that he was.

Hear Dan's story

Simon is a great guy to work with he helped me through some really difficult times with the loss of my mum and helped me get back to my confident self. Without what simon did for me I think I would be very much worse place than I was when I went to see him... And yes very much so I still enjoy a bit of cake now and again ;-)

Daniel Edwards

First we looked at his nutrition as he had the curse so many do – the office cakes! He created a tracking system and then together we ensured that this was monitored to help him see what he was doing and also make sure that he was on track. We then looked at how he talked to himself and made sure that the right questions were being asked to get the answers towards his goals. Finally we introduced a training program that he enjoyed doing and didn’t feel was a chore.

Dan was a privilege to work with, as he is such an authentic guy and really wanted to get his results. He understood it was a journey and once he knew how much he enjoyed being back in control – he could have the odd cake!