About me

Who is Simon

Simon is a health and fitness coach, an established and successful personal trainer as well as a business owner.

His journey into this field began when he lost his hearing in his left ear.

At that time he was an estate agent who had made some money but liked ‘partying’ and eating the wrong food so he had become overweight.

He smoked and drank alcohol on a daily basis and more or less lived on fast food.

He became unhappy and soon not only had a body that he was ashamed of but also lost his confidence and motivation to do anything about it.

Losing his hearing made this worst, then with breaking his collarbone in a football game (his first attempt to get fit) and his girlfriend leaving him – he got as low as most can go.

He hit rock bottom – from there it could only go in two directions and he chose the one that went ‘up’!

He started back into martial arts and soon was training again on a regular basis.

As he went further down the road he realized this made him happy so he decided to leave his job of 9 years and set up his own personal training business.

After two years of working with people on a one to one basis he began a company called fitMK Ltd. This was an outdoor group training business and this is the largest and most successful of its type.

He married Jackie in 2010 and is a happy family man with two sons Mathias and Nathan.

He enjoys holidays, reading, drawing, intense and hard training sessions as well as Yoga, playing the guitar and singing and is now back working with people this time online on a one to one basis to help them find their way in being healthy and happy.